Saturday 28 January 2017

The Transition to an entrepreneur is a journey of triumphs and jostle !! An aim and a goal is need and must. 

Wednesday 21 September 2016

The transition role of each employee is now on a paradigm shift., moving from a yes man to a working coach !! By being more involved, more refined, better engaged, with inbuilt leadership traits, dealing constructively on conflicts, and above of all, an employee must create a better agenda to deliver the goals along the team !! In the recent trend, organisations are also exploring to create a ZERO DISTANCE policy both internally and externally !! By being more transient and better involved, each human resource becomes a source of energy.. that is Revenue !! This is also referred to as inclusive intervention or inclusive marketing. Each member of the establishment acts and delivers as a soul inscribed, and the result is nothing but an Organisation Evolved !!!!! @myj

Organisational Matrix

To steer an organisation out of crisis,requires to walk through fire effectively and handle the rough times and reputation risk alongside. Generally in troubled situation the matrix of management gets judged. There will be no greater moment to kickstart an organisation than post a crisis. If this is looked positively, it shall be the greatest opportunity to recalibrate, redefine, re-energise, refocus self. A sincere introspection is must which talks beyond of strategies and evolution , but a simple formula of where we stand and where we wish to go !!. Formulae continue to remain simple to address the situational crisis of an organisation !! Introspection with effecting simple steps, transparency and being fare in approach, and taking into confidence the each facets of the organisation will zoom you back into the excellence !! After all, sincerity and honesty plugged with smart edge business excellence in meeting the client expectations is the Need and that is what is Deserved !!! @myj

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Never too late to rise to  ocassion of National service. Let's unite and help the needy.

Thursday 1 January 2015

The Mid Life Crisis hits usually when you scale 40's. Looking for a old fame via social networks, talking of good old days, slight insecurity with younger guys,dislexed attire, unusual exercise, seeking different friends, not finding the present spouse as attractive as ever.... !!! These are few symptoms tending towards mid life crisis !!. Though its not wrong/crime,but slight of introspection, life can become healthier and better and all charming !!!. Have a good day. Rgds.

Monday 27 October 2014

The young age of the child is the evolution which is exemplary and innovative. The next cycle is the commitment and involvement,this is followed by being generous and liberal. The last phase being attainment towards self actualization and compassion. This cycle is the essence of humans and this species is the only living organism which lives life in complete.Any cycle missed in this gifts of almighty can only make a human imperfect and incorrect.Lets salute this cycle and teach the young generation the importance of the phases of life.The mimicry of English cannot and should not substitute the naturality of life.